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  • The first shot of the entire film is Helena playing out a scene with the Light Queen and the Dark Queen using black and white socks.
  • The Prime Minister, while looking for the Charm (before we know that it is the titular Mirror Mask) has a line of people with items they believe are said charm. This includes half a brick and a chicken.
    • Which moments later, when he mentions not knowing what it looks like, leads to this line.

What if it WAS the chicken!?

  • Helena's riddle. What's green, hangs on a wall, and whistles. A trout. You can paint it green, you CAN hang it on a wall, and...well, she added the last part so it wouldn't be too obvious.
  • When distracting the Sphinx, Valentine first throw it off guard with a nonsensical riddle, then points and declares "Look! An idiot!"
    • Plus, the Sphinx's inability to understand that Valentine is actually telling him the answer to the riddle. "It's a secret!"
  • It's a little squicky (and a tad bit HORRIFYING) but seeing the Dark Queen casually spit up some shadows over dinner to check on a loud rumbling noise is kind of funny.
  • This exchange between Helena and Valentine

Helena: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Valentine: Absolutely, if we put little wheels on the bottom of our shoes we could just rooooooll around...

  • Valentine's horrified scream of "I DON'T WANT TO BE A WAITER!"
  • At the very end, a real life counterpart of Valentine appears and talks to Helena, saying he's always wanted to join the circus. She tells him that he's make a terrible waiter and they share a laugh. And then