Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam/Quotes

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Kamille Bidan

(towards Yazan) "How can you kill people so easily?!? DIE!!!!!"


(to Jerid at the end of the series): "It's because of people like you, that this war will never end! GO TO HELL!"


"They're just a couple licking each others wounds.."

Amuro Ray

"People who ignore each other's feelings tend to suffer for the rest of their lives, Camille."


"Why do people... end up making the same mistakes?"

Lieutenant Quattro / Char Aznable

"As of now I'm Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena. Nothing more, nothing less."


"I would like to start by asking the forgiveness of the assembly members and all Federation citizens. We mean no disrespect by taking over this meeting. I am Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena of the Anti-Earth Union Group. There is one more thing I must disclose before I say what I came to say. I have another name. I am also the man who was known as Char Aznable. I have come to you today as someone who carries within him the true aspirations of Zeon. Do not think of me as Char of the Principality of Zeon, but rather as the son of Zeon Deikun. Zeon Deikun’s legacy has nothing to do with the evils and hatred of the Zabi family. Zeon Deikun did not build the principality of Zeon! When one sees how the Titans do as they please with the Earth Federation Forces it becomes apparent that they are more depraved then the Zabi family ever was!

Humanity went to space so that the planet would not collapse under the weight of the people on it. Once there, they flourished, expanding their living space as they built more colonies on their own! Unfortunately, their success filled them with hubris and dreams of glory creating evils like the Zabi family! We mustn’t repeat that mistake! Why won’t people understand that moving into space will broaden their horizons!? We believe that humanity should no longer pollute the Earth! But the Titans whose souls are pulled down by gravity think only of ravaging it! Why is it so hard for people to understand? From the dawn of history, mankind has played in this cradle called “Earth.” But now, humanity must leave the nursery behind! Our infancy has come to an end!

Tell me why at this turning point in our history we must fight amongst each other and further pollute the Earth? The Earth should be returned to its natural state and all of humanity must make its home in outer space! Otherwise, Earth will no longer be the planet of water. Even this very city of Dakar is slowly being engulfed by the desert. This is how exhausted the Earth is! Right now, every one of us would like to see the Earth remain alive and beautiful. If we truly feel this way then we should not cling to the Earth as parasites just to fulfill our selfish desires.

The Titans have started a battle disregarding the lives at this assembly. See for yourselves the brutality of the actions they take. They place themselves above the regular Earth Federation Forces and label anyone who opposes them evil doers. But, their own arrogance is the greatest evil; they will be the ruin of humanity! Those of you who were watching the television must realize by now that this is how the Titans go about their business. I admit, it was wrong to take over this assembly, but what of the Titans who were trying to destroy it with the members still inside? Would they even destroy their own supporters?!"



Kamille Bidan: "Monster! So many have died today! "

Yazan Gable: "No need to cry, you'll be joining them soon."

Kamille Bidan: "How dare you enjoy this? Lives are power... lives are the power that sustains the universe! To just waste them! To throw away lives without a second thought! Why does fighting give you so much pleasure? You're nothing but an animal, you don't deserve to live!"


Amuro Ray: "Why are you here?"
Char Aznable: "I came to laugh at you! Is that what you were expecting me to say?"