Nightmares and Fairy Tales/YMMV

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    • Complete Monster: Dominique, the Queen, Vivian, Gwen's parents, Delphine Lalaurie.
    • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: LOTS. Morgan, Dominique and Snow's stories are just the beginning.
    • Moe: Gwen and Beauty.
    • Moral Event Horizon:
      • Dominique condemning Morgan to the Bedlam House.
      • The nuns feeding the babies of young, pregnant girls to vampires, or who knows what.
      • Sylas cutting out Snow's heart and the Queen using it to power her beauty.
      • Luna's mother killing her mother and trying to kill Luna.
      • Belle's father imprisoning her in the dungeon.
      • Vivian drowning her daughter and framing Catherine for the murder.
      • Everything Dephine Lalaurie did in her youth.
      • Lucas rapes a mermaid and kills the resulting child.
    • The Woobie: Anyone who lays claim to Annabelle becomes this but Morgan and Catherine take the cake.