Nullpo Mino

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Nullpo Mino is a Java-based Tetris game, which was developed as an attempt to rebuild Heboris Unofficial Expansion from the ground up, and have something much easier to write code for so that updating it and adding new modes would be less of a nightmare. The two main components of Nullpo Mino are modes and rules. Modes are the specific modes of play, such as Marathon (basic mode that goes to 150 or 200 lines, or lasts till game over), Line Race (clear 20, 40 or 100 lines as fast as possible) and Ultra (time limit to score as many points as possible). Rules are the mechanics that dictate how the pieces are controlled, like Classic1 (based on Tetris the Grand Master 1), Standard (based on TGM ACE's SRS mode), and Nintendo-L (based on Game Boy Tetris). Because modes and rules are independent of each other, you can play just about any mode with any rule.

At present, Nullpo Mino has modes and/or rules representing the following Tetris games:

  • Tetris (NES / Game Boy): Retro Marathon and Retro Mastery, played with Nintendo-L or Nintendo-R.
  • The New Tetris: Square mode. Square rule is suggested but not necessary.
  • Tetris (Sega's arcade version): Retro Mania, played with Classic0.
  • Tetris the Grand Master: Grade Mania, played with Classic1.
  • Tetris The Grandmaster 2: Grade Mania 2, Speed Mania and Garbage Mania, played with Classic2.
  • Tetris The Grandmaster 3: Grade Mania 3, Speed Mania 2 and Gem Mania, played with Classic3.
  • Tetris The Grandmaster ACE: Some of Time Attack's sub-modes, played with Classic-Easy or Standard-Hard128.
  • Tetris DS: Standard-Fast rule.
  • DTET: DTET rule.

These other puzzle games also have corresponding modes and rules. They can't be played using the Tetris rules or modes due to having entirely different mechanics.

  • Puyo Puyo: Avalanche modes, played with Avalanche rule.
  • Dr. Mario: Physician and Physician Vs-Battle, played with Physician rule.
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: SPF Vs-Battle, played with SPF.
Tropes used in Nullpo Mino include:
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Adjusting to different rotation rules may be difficult, especially if you go from one with a locking soft drop to a locking hard drop, or vice versa.
  • Endless Game: Some modes will go on for as long as you can last.
  • Lag Cancel: The rule based on DTET allows you to skip both the delay between pieces (called ARE) and the delay after clearing a line, just by making any input.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: There are modes and rules for games called Physician, Avalanche, and SPF. They all use totally different pieces and game mechanics from the Tetris-based modes and rules, so mixing them up probably won't work.
  • Level Editor: You can create your own levels for Gem Mania mode.