One Piece: Parallel Works/Funny

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Ch. 10 ("The Art of Cook-Fu")

Ch. 14 ("Welcome Back, Roscoe Delacroix")

  • The scene where the Hyperion is ascending (and then descending) Reverse Mountain.

Ch. 17 ("Enter the Stowaways")

  • The scene where the Capricorn Pirates are trying to name the pigeon that flew onto the ship.

Ch. 23 ("The Tuxedo Penguin Pirates")

  • Toward the end of the chapter, Drusilla, Z.G., and Karin are in a clothing store, when Karin is complaining that they don't sell bikinis or cocktail dresses.
    • "Karin, why won’t you learn that this store probably doesn’t carry anything that shows off your cleavage?"