One Piece: Parallel Works/Awesome

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Baleeria Porto Arc

  • The battle against Big Margo ends when she is felled by an arrow with needles strung to it. Who defeated her? Kartik, with the help of Matsu.

Tequila Wolf Arc

  • Aria's speech. What Molly and Kazuma added make it even more epic.
  • Yuki-Rin, Molly, and Heathcliffe don disguises so that their World Noble parents can't recognize them. Not only do their parents not recognize them, Yuki-Rin and Molly are able to keep up their disguises as a farmer and his sister as they are talking to Saint Ayame, their mother.
  • The fact that Aria was able to give Tequila Wolf autonomy. Did she do it through a fight? Nope. Instead Aria just used democracy with the Tenryuubito.

Restaurant Row Arc

  • Sebastian overcoming his clumsiness to defeat the Arc Villain.

Ginling Island Arc

  • When he sees that Roscoe is about to rape a passed-out Yuki-Rin, Kazuma basically loses it and slices Roscoe's leg off.

Ghost Ship Arc

  • Yuki-Rin pulling a fake-out on Mina by pretending to forefit their fight. Then, Yuki-Rin and Mina jump off of the burning ship and fight in the sky until the land on the deck of the Hyperion.

Appenzell Island Arc

  • Yuki-Rin defeating Kuro by pinching one of his pressure points.
  • During Yulia's fight against Chernyi, Chernyi launches a poison arrow at Yulia and Daisuke. Yulia catches the arrow and uses it to stab Chernyi.
  • The Ageha, Holden, and Heathcliffe vs. Shiro fight.

Baba Yaga Arc

  • Akari's speech before the Baba Yaga almost kills her.
  • Shikari's Heroic Sacrifice by walking herself and the Baba Yaga into a furnace. Her final words to Akari also qualify.

Noblesse Oblige Arc

Five Days of Fun Arc

  • Yuki-Rin's fight against Rai. Although she has amnesia at the time, Yuki-Rin puts up a pretty good fight.
  • Yuki-Rin and Kazuma's escape from the Helvetica.

Triad Arc

  • Heathcliffe taking down a client at the Golden Lotus brothel after he sees Aki nearly get raped by the client.
  • Aki defeating the Dragon Lady. That is all.

Time Traveller/Project Mei Arc

  • A minor one, but Maki-chan, who was Put on a Bus due to her lack of fighting skill, eats a Devil Fruit that gives her X-ray vision, which gives her an opportunity to get stronger and help the crew.
  • While the Arc Villains are distracted with Yulia and Daisuke's Tear Jerker moment, Yuki-Rin walks up to General Pasternak and just stabs him in the back with her katana.