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  • According to The Short Stories on the Tang People (唐人傳奇 Tangren Chuanqi), the Qian Tang Dragon King had a niece that he loved very much. When he found out that her husband abused her, he got so pissed off that he rescued the poor girl and then used his Elemental Powers to flood and destroy the city she lived in, as punishment for the Domestic Abuser and the people who didn't help her in her time of need.
  • Athenians explained the name of the Areopagus by saying the first trial there was when Poseidon prosecuted Ares for murder, over the death of his son Alirrothios. Ares was acquitted on the defense that he was protecting his daughter Alkippe from being raped by Alirrothios.
  • The only reason Poseidon made Odysseus' journey home hell was because Odysseus had blinded his son Polyphemus. Polyphemus invoked his father's favor to avenge him, and dad complied.
  • Odysseus tried to avoid joining the Trojan War effort by faking madness. He did this by plowing his fields and salting them, effectively ruining his own land. The emissary Palamedes decided to test Odysseus by placing Odysseus' infant son Telemachus in the path of the plow. When Odysseus avoided touching little Telemachus, his cover was blown and had no choice but to go to Troy. Odysseus later got his revenge and the last laugh (sorta) by framing Palamedes for treason and getting him executed.

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