Patchwork Champions

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Patchwork Champions is a Superhero Pixel Art Comic-turned-serial made by the creator of Patchwork Heroes, unrelated to its predecessor in all but name.

In a World teeming with superheroes and supervillains, Patchwork Champions follows two such heroes, Timebender and Lucky Ladd, locked in an eternal struggle against their self-proclaimed nemesis, Mad Scientist Spencer Ecchs. They're later joined by more heroes, forming the titular team, and have bigger and bigger adventures, involving aliens, conspiracies, Alternate Universes... you know, the usual.

Ran in webcomic form from January 2006 to May 2008, and it continues in the form of an online serial to this day. Read the comic here, and the serial, which picks up right where the comic leaves off, can be read here.

Overall, a very well-written series that definitely Needs More Love. So check it out!

Tropes used in Patchwork Champions include: