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"FREEDOM!"- Main Character (Female)/Gloria

  • So, that's what happened to the pokemon that were cut from the game...They were made into food, mainly sausages. - Granted this meme was debunk when the games actually came out, that the player won't hunt them down for chili dishes. Won't stop people from using it though.
  • Rule 34: Horny artists happened to jump onto the Galar characters the minute they were reveal in the Nintendo Directs.
    • Scorbunny was hit with Rule 34.
    • It was super effective.
  • The SwSh Twitter campaigns, #BringBackNationalDex, #GameFreakLied, and #ThankYouGameFreak, which criticize the apparent problems concerning both SwSh, GF for lying about how both said games are being handled, and giving the developers morale boosts respectively.
  • Duraludon is a PEZ dispenser, a lighter, or whatever ya want to make of it.
  • The Rival: There's a rivalry betweewn the two Psychic/Fairy types, Gardevoir and Hatterene.
  • Queen Elizabeth II uses corgi as part of her team or her team is primarily corgi, purely for Dynamaxing, Gigantamxing, and battling purposes.

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