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  • "CIA got you pushing too many pencils?"
  • Everything in the helicopter insertion at the start.
  • "I ain't got time to bleed!" "You got time to duck?!"
  • " Knock Knock"
  • "Stick Around"

Predator 2

  • When Harrigan is chasing the Predator.

Harrigan: It's all right! I'm a cop!
Old woman: I don't think he gives a shit!

Harrigan: Okay, who's next?


"You know what? This is bullshit! I want a fucking gun! *turns to Cuchillo* C'mon man, gimme a gun! You've got two fucking guns! *turns to Nikolai* C'mon Russian, you've got a big fucking gun!

    • Later:

"When I get back... I am gonna do so much fucking cocaine.

    • Edwin points out a tattoo of a naked woman on Stans:

Edwin: "Is that your girlfriend?"
Stans: "No. My sister."