Private Eye (magazine)/Awesome

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  • The entirety of Peter Cook and Ian Hislop's revenge against Robert Maxwell, which doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny. When Robert Maxwell pulled the magazine off the shelves of WH Smith, he then followed this up with a dummy magazine called "Not Private Eye", featuring very rude and obscene claims which were also very libellous in nature[1]. So in revenge, Peter Cook sent the writers of the dummy magazine a box of whiskey, knowing they were being forced to do it by their boss. An hour later they were all drunk and stopped working.
    • They then went to Maxwell's office at the Mirror to find the people flat on the floor and stole the dummy magazine's plan before ripping up the copies. The two (accompanied by three others) called the catering department of the mirror and ordered champagne at Maxwell's expense. After that, the picture desk took snaps of them drinking in his office, then found them drawing with crayon on the windows and writing "Hello Captain Bob". All to be finished with a prank call to Maxwell's location in New York (reversing the charges under the pretence it was Mirror staff) and asking the simple question "Guess where we are?" After this security forced them out, but we're damned if it wasn't brilliant.
  1. And worst of all, not funny