Roommates (2009 webcomic)/YMMV

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    • Moe: Gian, increasingly so. By chapter 3, you just want to hug his every appearance.
    • Narm Charm/So Bad It's Good: Guys meet, flirt, have sex, then decide to have a relationship, all on the same day. Next chapter, they're shown to be best friends and have a wonderful relationship, as if it's always been that way. Yeah, that's pretty bad. And yet the readers still want to know what happens next.
    • Relationship Sue: Junior for Gian.
    • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Considering Junior is such a Creator's Pet to Mario fans, this Fan Fiction makes him a lot more sympathetic and less annoying than his video game appearances. But this is subjective, and some readers will think he's just gone from being a canon Creator's Pet to the Roommates team's Creator's Pet without enough realistically redeeming qualities.