Silver Surfer (video game)

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Silver Surfer is an auto scrolling Shoot'Em Up with Side View and Top Down View levels, based on the comic book series. Released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and considered one of the hardest games ever made.

You play the Surfer, shooting his way through five three-section levels. You can choose which level to play, just like Mega Man. At the end of each level, you fight a Boss Battle against a villain from the Silver Surfer comics universe, and gain one piece of a Dismantled MacGuffin, known in-game only as the "device". Once you have finished all five levels, Galactus sends you into the Magik Domain to retrieve the final piece of the device. After more shooting and a Final Boss (a giant purple guy with a huge pistol) you retrieve the final piece of the device. Galactus says "It's mine!", but the Surfer says "No, it's too dangerous" and hides it away. The end.

Tropes used in Silver Surfer (video game) include: