Sonic Riders/Awesome

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    • Even Ni GHTS gets in on the raceing action!
    • Sonic finally mastering Extreme Gear riding and showing up Jet. "Even without wings, I can still fly!" You tell him Sonic!
    • Knuckles taking the lead when the gang needs to get to Gigan Rocks using his treasure hunting skills.
    • Mastering Super Sonic and using him to dominate opponents can be this. "As it should be..."
    • Amy showing off the more positive qualities of her angry and assertive personality. After being chased by Storm out of Meteor Tech and mastering her Arc Of The Cosmos, she finally confronts him by tossing her Arc Of The Cosmos at Storm, hitting him square in the beak. She then proceeds to completely dominate him and force him to find the way back for both of them.
    • Metal Sonic shows signs that he retained his backstabbing nature by simultaneously foiling Eggman's tournament gambit and gaining the racing data of the participants. After having the events of Heroes seemingly deleted from his memory.