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  • When Kong saves his hide from a horde of Humanimal Haters by taking himself hostage ALA Bart in Blazing Saddles
    • Kong: Oh Baby...You are so talented, and they are so DUMB!
  • One of Falco's more awkward moments, when he and Rose are on Earth watching people make maple syrup he sneaks in a little taste but apparently the syrup is too sweet for him and he starts wiping his tongue on the floor.
  • When Ichabod gets his 'Elf Metabolism' which means he has to eat four times the amount of food the average man eats to keep from starving, Marzipan tries to get him to enjoy eating like a pig with her 'I want to be a greedy glutton' speech. It quickly goes from Crowning Moment of Funny to Crowning Moment of Heartwarming When she promising him that if he listens to his body something good will happen.
  • In one episode Ichabod infiltrates M Newkirk's castle to talk to the Shadow Humanimals, the first one he talks to is Crystal the Shadow Arctic Wolf Girl, Crystal is lonely and wants someone to play with her, Ichabod offers to play with her this leads to some real funny scenes where Ichabod and Crystal attempt to wheelbarrow each other and a scene where Crystal playfully bites Ichabod's toes forgetting she is a a wolf and he is a human. It's a fun innocent scene which serves as a nice contrast for the darker scenes later in the episode