Space Beasts/Heartwarming

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  • At the end of the five episode pilot where Ichabod is finally excepted into the herd
    • Also in the same episode, Edward finally getting over his hatred of Humanimals and telling Minsk that he loves her.
  • At the end of the Escape from Alderbaren arc where Ichabod and Marzipan declare their love for each other and engage in an EPIC kiss!
  • After Ichabod gets develops his 'Elf Metabolism' and has been eating massive amounts of food for a few months Ichabod is delighted to discover he now has pecs! (They're small but their there) Ichabod tells Marzipan he's always had the fantasy of having a muscular chest for a girl to snuggle up with, Marzipan states she wants to make his dream come true and let's just say the scene melts into snugly adorableness.
  • The two episodes focusing on the characters' comfort foods is full of heartwarming moments as the characters reminisce about when about when their comfort foods became comfort foods, for Ichabod there is a nice scene when his Father made clam chowder for him when he was four years old and that was fondly remembered by Ichabod. years later, for Bill reminiscing about life on the Humanimal Farm, there is a rare Pet the Dog Moment where a human farmer gives an eight year old Bill ice cream after Bill was nearly poisoned to death by mutant cat/scorpion thing. and Zander remissness when he first fell in love with Matoaka when the Unicorn captain came to his eighteenth birthday with the humble gift of a golden apple, since then Zander's favorite Earth fruit has always been apples. In a previous episode we don't get a flashback, but Edward mentions that once when he was a child he got really sick and his mother fed him chicken soup and that was his comfort food memory.
  • After Rose saves Falco from being punished he almost instantly goes from bullying Jerkass to a kindhearted, good natured gentleman, like Edward, Falco's experience with one Humanimal helps him see all of them in a different light.

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