Spider-Man (film)/Tear Jerker

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  • I don't know about the rest of you guys, but this troper can't watch the end of Spider-Man 2 without sniffling, where Doctor Octopus was taking apart the reactor, staring up at it, and saying "I will not die a monster." Doesn't help that one of the next shots is the reactor floating to the bottom of the sea, Doc Ock drifting slowly with it. Curse my soft spot for Mad Scientist-esque villains.
    • For this troper, it was the bit where Peter collapses after stopping the train. "He's just a kid! No older than my son!"
      • The passengers sticking up for him when Ock comes back. "You wanna get to him, you gotta go through me."
    • Right, well, this troper had been given explicit spoilers for Spider-Man 3 concerning Harry's death, and she still cried the first time she saw it. And all but two times since.
    • "I should never have hurt you. Said those things." "None of that matters Peter. You're my friend....." "Best friend." *Sniff!*
      • Say what you will about 3, but the scene of Sandman getting up in the silo gets me EVERY time. If the shot of him trying to grasp his daughter's locket doesn't do it, it's the music in the scene.
    • I had a moment in the first Spider-Man when Norman dies. "Don't tell Harry." ;___;
    • Norman's funeral.
    • In the second movie Aunt May and Peter visiting Uncle Ben's grave and Aunt May saying "It wasn't fair for him to go like that. And it was all my doing." And later the scene where Peter tells her it was his fault that Uncle Ben died.
    • In Spider-Man 2, when Peter's glasses start to blur his vision again. Your mileage probably varies, but for this troper, it was a really great scene, considering what was motivating his powers to come back.
    • The third movie has the scene where Peter hits Mary Jane in his symbiote induced rage and his My God, What Have I Done? reaction.
      • Peter and Harry, former friends, having the violent fight. As well as when Harry shields Peter with his body and they make up finally at Harry's death scene.