Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series)/Funny

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Funny moments in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 series) include:

  • "Cowabunga Shredhead" has numerous CMOF after continuous viewing.
    • When Shredder arrives at his temporary hideout in the transport modules while Bebop and Rocksteady were cleaning like Shredder says.

Shredder: This place is a pig sty! I thought I told you to clean it up!
Bebop: But we did. But then you came busting in and we--
Shredder: No excuses!

    • When a hologram of Michelangelo appears:

Bebop: Its that surfer turtle!
Rocksteady: Let's turn him into turtle mush!
[They run to grab it, then hit their heads on the wall]
Shredder: Cretins! Didn't I just say its a hologram?

    • Any scene with Shredder thinking he's Michelangelo.

Shredder: I brought back some takeout. So, like, let's get down and pig out.
Leonardo: Its Shredder!
Shredder: Where? Where?

Shredder: (seeing his synthesizer destroyed) What happened to my beautiful synthesizer?!
[Bebop and Rocksteady jump on him]
Bebop: Great disguise.
Rocksteady: Yeah, but not good enough to fool us!
Shredder: Ahh, you idiots! What are you doing?

  • Shredder whining at the end of "Shredded and Splintered"

Shredder: But I don't want to conquer this place! I want to conquer Earth!!

    • Vernon upon seeing the giant Krang in his robot body in the same episode:

Vernon: Ugh, his brain is in his stomach...

  • When the street sweeper come towards them in "The Incredible Shrinking Turtles".

Leonardo: Head for the high ground!
Donatello: (trying to reach up) Uh, I got news for ya: the high ground is too high.
(the Turtles are being washed away)
Leonardo: Remember, we're turtles! We're at home under the water!

Raphael: Just keep telling me that!

  • The scene in "Curse of the Evil Eye" where Blodgett tries to turn his gold watch into piles of gold with Shredder's helmet containing the Eye of Zarnov.

Blodgett: Oh, it didn't work. I wonder why not?
Baxter Stockman: Because you're an idiot, that's why!

  • This little gem from "Turtles at the Earth's Core" when Shredder berates Bebop and Rocksteady for sending a Diplodocus to the surface instead of a carnivorous dinosaur:

Rocksteady: Gee boss, it ain't easy gettin' dinosaurs to obey.
Bebop: Yeah... (snorts) They're all muscle and no brains.

Shredder: (to the camera) I won't say it, it's too easy.

  • In the episode Leonardo, the Renaissance Turtle, April O'Neil and Leo are arrested by LEX-1 (a robotic police officer) for accidentally jaywalking, This exchange takes place:

LEX-1: When will you humans realize that crime does not pay?
Leonardo: Warning shots for jaywalking?! You must have a loose fuse!

April O'Neil: For sure! This city has ENOUGH potholes in it already!

LEX-1: The prisoners will be put on bread and water for making wisecracks! Do you have any last words ?

April O'Neil: I can think of a few, (Aside Glance) but, they're not appropriate for television!