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    Spike Jones

    A man of taste and distinction.

    Lindley Armstrong "Spike" Jones (1911-1965) was a legendary bandleader in the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties, and one of the first innovators of novelty music in popular culture. Spike was a master of musical comedy -- not in terms of the film genre, where one gets a comedy that happens to feature singing, but in comedy created through music.

    Spike was a parodist, and having your song mocked by Spike was viewed as a necessity before you could really consider yourself to have made it to musical stardom, much like "Weird Al" Yankovic today. But unlike "Weird Al", who plays the music so straight that if you're not listening closely you might not notice that it's a parody, Spike would take the music out back and mug it. His 1944 hit cover of "Cocktails for Two", originally a nice, sweet song about how Prohibition was over and people could have alcohol on dates again, featured gunshots, gargling, slide whistles, and enough violence done to the musical instruments that he may have violated the Geneva Convention.