The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities

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The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities, or TABLE, is a project to catalog all of the groups on this website whose philosophies of cataloging tropes differ. Most of these groups focused on trope names, but a few focus on images instead.

To select a userbox identifying yourself as a member of any of these groups, see the The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities userbox page.

Currently known entities, and a brief summation of their philosophies, are

  • CHOPSTICKS: the Conserving Helpful Otaku-Produced Superior Titles, Increasing Common Knowledge Society: Foreign-language terms as titles can enhance pages.
  • Cool Unearthed Pictures Society (CUPS): the Cool Unearthed Pictures Society: Trope titles are less important than the images.
  • FORKS: the Friends Of Really Kool Sobriquet: Trope names should be as witty as possible, whether or not they make any obvious sense.
  • HOTSAUCE: the Hotblooded Others Taking a Stand And Ushering in Chaos and Entropy: Tropes need to liberated from PLATTER rule by becoming more wild.
  • KNIVES: the Kalculated Naming Indifference Violent Enforcement Section: The entire debate of trope titles is pointless.
  • NAPKINS: the Negative Space Kult of Ireland and Northern Scandinavia: Images on trope pages should be avoided as much as possible.
  • PEPPER: People Ensuring Pages Populated by English Reliably: Non-English titles are almost always a bad idea except when absolutely necessary.
  • PLATTER: People Letting All Trope Titles Exist Relishably: Trope names should be funny, but should also make sense.
  • SALT: Supporters of Additional Likenesses in Text: Examples are like salt; every article should have more of them (unless specifically forbidden from having any).
  • SPOON: Society to Prevent Overly Original Names: Trope names should be as clear as possible, whether or not they are humorous. (Someone who follows this philosophy would never use the acronym, because it is not as clear as possible. As far as they're concerned, there is no SPOON.)
  • TONGS: Tropers Opposed to Negligent and Gratuitous Spoilers: Spoiler taggings should be kept to a minimum.
  • WHISK: Wonderful Humans' Insight Secures Koolness: People should always talk to the other groups before changing names of tropes. Hopefully compromises will be made.