The Cross Wits

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Game Show that originally ran in daily syndication from 1975 to 1980, originally hosted by Jack Clark. Two teams, each consisting of two celebrity guests and a civilian captain, competed to solve thematic crossword puzzles. The celebrities earned money for their team captain by answering individual clues, but only the contestants were allowed to solve the master puzzle.

A one-season revival was done in 1986–87 as The New CrossWits, hosted by David Sparks. The new version used color-coded puzzles, depending on whether the solution was a person, place or thing.

The following Game Show tropes appear in The Cross Wits:
  • Bonus Round: The Crossfire round, where the winning contestant and one celebrity teammate had 60 seconds to solve a themeless 10-word puzzle. Getting all 10 won a grand prize. For the revival, a team successful here won a trip, then got to play a 1-in-3-chance game for a car.
  • Personnel:
  • Rules Spiel: Handled, rather oddly, by Roth in the revival.
  • Think Music: Used during the "seven second conference" in the main game.
Tropes used in The Cross Wits include: