The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion/Heartwarming

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  • The end of the Thieves' Guild quest line. You steal an Elder Scroll, return it to The Gray Fox, take a ring to the Countess of Anvil, and watch as he reveals himself to be the Countess's long lost husband. Oh and you get the Mask of Nocturne and become the new Gray Fox.
    • The Reveal there also makes an earlier series of events a bit of a Moment Of Heart Warming as well: Captain Heironimous Lex is the Gray Fox's worst enemy, totally dedicated to hunting down and wiping out the Gray Fox and the entire Thieves' Guild. To get him off everyone's back, the Gray Fox has you forge and deliver a letter recommending him as the captain of the Anvil city guard, in charge of protecting the Countess of Anvil. So in other words, he respected his worst enemy's dedication so much that he got him instated as the head of the guard in charge of protecting his beloved wife.
  • Perhaps it's simply this troper, but all of Chorrol's quests seem to involve heartwarming moments in some way (at least if you complete them with the correct endings). Rescuing a kidnapped girl and receiving her and her mother's undying gratitude. Recovering for the queen a painting of her late husband. Making sure that a man's two sons stay alive while trying to kill a band of goblins pillaging their farm, and seeing his relief when he hears of your success. Reuniting two brothers who had been separated since babyhood, and then helping them take back their family home. And, last but not least, nudging the captain of Chorrol's guard and an innkeeper to begin a relationship with each other.