The Last Jedi/Memes

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  • Rian Johnson's "Subvert expectations" quip, became a meme for disillusioned Star Wars fans, as they see it as basically as a Shocking Swerve style of storytelling which is both cheap and hollow. Using it is basically a way of attacking any fictional work that does the opposite of what the audience expects without giving it any further depth.
  • Rey's training or rather, lack of, training.
    • Her power is insane to the point that it's been joked that other Jedi, like Master Yaddle, took a long time to study and use their Force talent to even to lift a small bolder. Whereas Rey can lift all kinds of rocks at a short amount of time.
  • Disillusion fans took to say that the movie is "Jake Skywalker"'s debut film.
    • That's what Mark Hamill nicknamed TLJ! Luke Skywalker, very telling about that (also, he has been warning Star Wars fans and dropping hints during interviews to either don't see The Last Jedi or wait for it on cable).

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