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  • Corruption, violent crime and a cast full of adulterous Jerkasses can't make Bubbles walking up those stairs any less heartwarming.
  • As a stone-cold killer, Wee-Bey comes across as generally warm and funny. But there's nothing like the moment where Bey agrees to give up Namond to Bunny
  • Rawls taking McNulty aside and telling him that getting Kima shot was not his fault, assuring him that, even though he is a "gaping asshole" that nothing that happened was his fault, and if it were, he'd be the one leading the charge for his arrest.
  • Mcnulty's tearful apology to Kima.
  • D'Angelo's final conversation with his mother in Jessup, telling her he intends to carry the weight of the Barkdales, only asking that she as well as Stringer and Avon leave him to serve his sentence in peace.
  • Bubbles finally coming to terms with the death of Sharrod in a heartfelt speech to his support group.

Bubbles: Ain't no shame in holdin' on to grief, as long as you make room for other things too.

  • Kima reciting the West Baltimore version of "Goodnight Moon" to her son Elijah

Kima: Goodnight Po-Po
Elijah: Goodnight Po-Po
Kima: Goodnight Fiends
Elijah: Goodnight Fiends
Kima: Goodnight Hustlers
Kima: Goodnight Hustlers
Kima: Goodnight to everybody
Elijah: Goodnight to everybody
Kima: Goodnight one and all

  • The cop funerals, except for the last one. When a supporting cast members dies, their character also dies and gets a proper send off from Baltimore's Finest.

Jay Landsman: He came, he served, he is counted.

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