Trauma Center (series)/Funny

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  • The choices in the Forensics section of Trauma Team generally has one choice that is obviously wrong but ends up sounding hilarious. Case in point - one of the choices on figuring out why the murderer did was "that's just how he rolls!" and "That's not blood at all!"
  • CR-S01's bonus scene you unlock after beating the game.
  • And Gabe's bonus scene. In fact, pretty much anything involving an exchange between Gabe and RONI applies.
    • "I would love to do that. Meaningless, friendly observation: Muscle Pains."
  • There is also Valerie's comment about the announcer during Miracle Surgery

Valerie: I'd love to suture his mouth shut!

  • After the above is over, Valerie makes a live declaration about how Caduceus operates. In the background, Markus is seen slouching over in embarrassment.
  • It's not part of the canon, but this is too damn funny not to mention.
  • Director Hoffman taking care of Greg's baby while everyone is off treating patients.
  • Hanzou suddenly warping into the high class airplane the doctors were riding back home. Gabe falls down to the floor, and he and the chief start freaking out how the hell he did that if [said airplane was already hundreds of feet away from the ground and he was way down below.
  • During one Forensics case in Trauma Team, you have to send a broken guitar to your partner to have it analyzed. His reaction when he finds out that it's worth $100,000 is just priceless.
    • It's not that it's just worth $100,000, it's that it belonged to a MUSICAL LEGEND that Little Guy is obviously a huge fan of. At that point, he literally states that now It's Personal for the destruction of this precious relic of the past.