Troll 2/Fridge

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  • This trope is what dropped Troll 2 in my opinion from being the epitome of So Bad It's Good to merely an excellent example. Originally, it seemed the goblins were all destroyed and their appearance at the end was a totally nonsensical Plot Hole. Comedy! That is, until I realised that a Chekhov's Gun set up earlier in the film was that the family was making a home-exchange with some people who later turned out to be goblins. Suddenly, the ending made sense and lost its comedy value (although this was muddied by limited costumes, and the fact that the home exchange family briefly reappeared in a later scene due to them having "car trouble"). --Schrodingers Duck
    • On the other hand, it doesn't explain why those goblins weren't killed along with the rest of them, or why their magic still works. - Man Without A Body
      • Furthermore, the goblins in question never actually left Nilbog - "We had car trouble" --Gribbles
      • Nah, they weren't the family that left. He was clearly just having another nightmare like the one he had in the beginning.