Troops of Doom/Quotes

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Cobra guard #1: [We're outnumbered ten to one,] this is no time for a frelling beer break!
Cobra guard #2: Hey, I shot my ten.

Crankcase: [after running over the same sandtrooper twice in a row] I told you you were driving in circles.

Starkiller: Are you shooting at strangers again, Daz? You have to realize, nothing good will come of all this drinking.

Daz: I disssagree. It makesss me misss the people I'm ssshooting at.

Roadblock: {{[http|// after using ventriloquism to make statues praise him}}] You guys really thought the statues were talking? Ha! You're so dumb there's nothing to compare you with!
Stalker: Next question: What Joe is about to experience friendly fire?
Everybody: Roadblock!

Clutch: I've made a lot of special modifications myself.
Princess: Battle damage is not a modification.

Cobra Guard: Is he housebroken?
Princess: He's been known to break a few houses.

Young: I said scare the Joes, not kill them!
Adams: Death is scary.

Young: If you want a fair fight, take up boxing. [notices wall of cannons pointed at her] No! This isn't fair!

Ryan: Thanks, General Hawk! I'll never use a bullet magnet for a human shield again! Now I know!

Uhura: You know, there's no profit in revenge.
Young: Maybe not, but there is money allocated for it in the budget.

Snow Job: [transmitting to Joe headquarters] This is GI Joe task force Papa Romeo reporting in. We have victory on Rura Penthe!
Snowtrooper: [transmitting to Empire headquarters] I was the only one to survive the battle, everyone else is dead.
Small: [transmitting to Cobra headquarters] I killed them all with my bare hands!
Iceberg: Wow, that was easy.
Grant: Snowtroopers gotta stick together.

Small: So, who wants to watch Band of Brothers again?

Rock 'n Roll: White flags don't count then they're tied to a submachine gun.

Cullum: Ha! You hit like a girl!
Night Stalker: Hold his arms. Let's see if I also swing a crowbar like a girl.

Young: Revenge is a dish best served with an extra helping.

Cobra Snowtrooper: You need to know, we aren't actually collaborating with the enemy. We would never betray Cobra or attack our own. We're simply not attacking them either. Turns out it's easy to be friends with someone when you're not trying to kill them. And it works. We all live together in peace. I'm telling you, the galaxy would be a much nicer place if we were all snowtroopers.

Blue Mech Legonian: Look at this prehistoric technology. One crash and the whole aircraft is ruined.
White Legonian: It was probably made with sticks and animal skins.
Gray Mech Legonian: The parts can't even be used to make something new.