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  • Acceptable Targets: Usually, drug dealers and abusive husbands/parents.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In Jay Pott's discussion about Blaxploitation for SHAFT OR SIDNEY POITIER: The Emergence of Black Masculinity in Comic Books he posits that Perry's movies might be the first of a wave of mainstream black film that actually move black cinema away from relying on trite stereotypes. He explains that the overt silliness of most of his films are a part of the growing pains of a new movement but necessary in order to get the kinks out.
  • Anvilicious: Mr. Perry is known for a great many things, but subtlety is not one of them.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: Of course, YMMV as to how much this is true.
  • Critic Proof
  • Cultural Cringe: Often the attitude felt by blacks who don't love his movies. Spike Lee is a notable example.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: As it was mentioned on the main page, you may not be interested in the drama, but you are definitely in for Madea.
  • Minority Show Ghetto: In the words of Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live playing Perry, "Some of you may know me from my films like Medea's Family Reunion and Why Did I Get Married?, or you may know my sitcoms, like Meet the Browns and House of Payne. Or you may be white."
  • Unfortunate Implications: The interracial relationships in his movies are always extramarital affairs between a couple of scumbags.
    • Most of the white people that appear in his movies are complete Jerkasses.
    • As are many of the dark-skinned black characters.
    • And the wealthy characters of any race or skin tone.