Weird Science (film)/Trivia

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  • Dawson Casting: Suzanne Snyder (Deb) was 22 while filming her role as a high school student.
    • Largely averted, however, with the rest of the main cast. Judie Aronson (Hilly) was 20. Robert Downey, Jr. (Ian) was 19. Robert Rusler (Max) turned 19 during filming. Averted most of all with Gary and Wyatt: Anthony Michael-Hall was 16 while Ilan Mitchell-Smith was only 15.
    • Lampshaded in-Univese when Gary introduces Lisa to his parents and tries to pass her off as a high school exchange student from Europe. Kelly LeBrock was 24 at the time of filming. Gary's parents aren't quite buying it.

Gary's Dad: Do you go to Gary's school??
Lisa: (chuckling, and holding an open can of beer) Do I look like I'm in high school?
Gary's Dad: No.
Gary: (talking fast) Well, what it is, dad: She's...she's a...she's a foreign exchange student, ya know, and..and...they, like, have a different educational system happening around the world.
Gary's Mom: (to Lisa) You look very, uh...mature.

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Bill "Aliens" Paxton as Chet, Robert Downey Jr. as a school bully, and Anthony Michael Hall as one of the leads.
    • Counts doubly for Chet, as Paxton has stated on record that Aliens' Hudson effectively is Chet, and that he was hired specifically to play the same character in his day job.
    • Max later went on to become a Starfury fighter pilot on Babylon 5.
    • The leader of the killer mutant biker gang (Vernon Wells) is Wez from The Road Warrior!
    • The bald mutant biker who'd hate to lose his teaching job is Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes. Actor Michael Berryman has been in more than fifty films since the 1970s.
    • The female biker (Jennifer Balgobin) became Dr. Lillian Hobbes on Babylon 5.
    • Look for a very young David Hodges (a 19-year-old Wallace Langham), who tells Lisa that his name is Art and shortly thereafter gets zapped into a TV set.
    • Cast members from Mad Max and The Hills Have Eyes invade the party.