Word Girl/Heartwarming

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  • In the episode "Showdown at the Super Secret Spaceship Hideout", Word Girl and Dr. Two-Brains stop their fighting to think about their old friendship and how it used to be after Dr. Two-Brains discovers the book he wrote as Prof. Boxleitner. After Word Girl says that he was a brilliant scientist before he turned evil, he briefly looks at her with warm sparkly eyes. That made this troper want to say "awwwww".
  • The episode "Cherish is the Word". Not only does Tobey give Word Girl a chocolate human heart and tell Victoria Best that she's the best superhero, Word Girl even says that he can be her valentine. WordGirl/Scoops fans might have been annoyed, but WordGirl/Tobey fans like this troper loved every minute of it.
    • Err, that was all well and good until Tobey screwed it all by attacking Scoops. Though to his credit, this was the result of a misunderstanding he had involving Scoops and Wordgirl, but it still causes him to not end up Wordgirl's valentine nonetheless.
  • The episode "Lady Redundant Woman Gets The Blues". Lady Redundant Woman finally calling Royal Dandy her son. Also a Tear Jerker since she destroyed him.
  • In "The Young and the Meatless", The Butcher treats Dupey like a real person and not just one of Lady Redundant Woman's copies. Later, he's easily able to tell them apart even though they look identical.
  • The Butcher making peace with his father and playing catch with him in "Meat My Dad".
  • The Butcher letting the little girl keep his cat in "Meat With A Side of Cute".
  • In the episode "Where's Huggy?", Word Girl gives a speech about how much she missed her best friend and sidekick. Counts as a Tear Jerker since Huggy (As Bob) and The Butcher cried after it.
    • Not to mention that Word Girl and CHF hugged for the first time in the series.
  • In "The Rise of Miss Power", Mrs. Botsford telling WordGirl she is proud of her (bringing tears to WordGirl's eyes) and subtly hinting she knows her secret identity.
    • Also in "The Rise of Miss Power", right after Tobey's heart is crushed by WordGirl, his robots hand him a picture they drew of him and them together. It's especially heartwarming because the viewers can assume that Tobey really doesn't have any friends that he didn't build himself.
  • Two Brains coming the Becky's rescue in "A World Without WordGirl".