World in Conflict/Tear Jerker

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  • After Bannon's Heroic Sacrifice in World in Conflict, there's a short cut scene where his mother listens to tha last voice message from him. It narrates how good a soldier he was recently, encourages her that the war soon be over, and says he is out of danger for now. Then you realize that she has been crying all along, meaning that the news already reached her...
    • see this video [1]
    • Also, not strictly a tear jerker but it makes one shiver: the cutscene before the New York helicopter-borne assault on Governor's Island - seeing one of the pilots catch a ricochet in the neck, and the other struggling to help him and calling for help, looking back just in time to see an out-of-control helo SMASH into the cockpit (and the camera), cut to screaming soldiers beng flung out the back as the helicopter spirals out of control, and the wider scope of the battle, with the confusion of SAM trails and flares and death...
      • And with Audioslave's "Shadow on the Sun" playing in the background, no less. Very fitting music.
  • For this Troper it was seeing seattle in ruins