World in Conflict/YMMV

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  • Moral Event Horizon: One for either side, though not as dramatic as one might think. An infuriated Malashenko shoots and kills his uncle, Colonel Orlovsky in a fit of rage upon hearing of his intent to withdraw. Likewise, though not played as straight, with Bannon fires upon surrendering Soviet soldiers and civil defense personnel, slaughtering them.
    • Bannon might not count, as he clearly regrets what happened and when he notices what he is doing, he orders his men to stop shooting.
  • The Woobie: Bannon. At first he's just a straight Neidermeyer but once you start getting into his backstory there's a lot of woobie fuel. First there's the telephone call with his step father, then you see how he screwed up in Europe, and how Sawyer treats him afterwards. He just looked pretty beat up. By the end of the Europe campaign he just looks so depressed you want to give him a hug. Of course, then he takes some levels in badass and pulls off a major heroic sacrifice.