Xenoblade Chronicles/Tear Jerker

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  • Melia's final Heart to Heart, in which she gives up pursuing Shulk.
  • In the Battle for Colony 9, Fiora tries to pull a Big Damn Heroes to save the party from Metal Face... only to get shish-kebabbed. Shulk's reaction is perfectly justified.
    • To make matters worse, in his later appearances in the game, Metal Face just loves to rub in the fact that yes, he killed Fiora. Yes, he enjoyed doing it. No, there isn't anything you can do to bring her back. Every time that bastard shows up, you just wanna shove the Monado up his ass, but you can't. He's immune to it. You can't even TRY to avenge her because of that!
      • Let's face it, Metal Face is a walking Berserk Button for Shulk and co. The worst part? He knows that and loves every second of it.
  • A testament to the voice acting in the English version: The sheer heartbreak in Egil's voice when he realizes even his own goddess has turned against him.
  • Melia watching her people, including her brother get mutated into Telethia. That particular plot point gets even worse when you look at your Relationship chart....
  • Xord. In the main story, he's nothing but a Smug Brute you take great joy in beating the crap out of. But if you've been taking care to speak to your NPCs, you'll realize that he was Deriree's father.