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  • 136's What the Hell, Hero? moment toward 66.
    • "You heard me. Quit being a little cunt...... e_e 88 has done nothing wrong.... I think the love you hold for yourself is just so great that you can't handle other people critizing you... Or giving you advice.. Or even asking for something... You are just being selfish... Uncaring... And a shit for face. Oh, this, mocking? No you've HAD this coming to you, Jackass. I'm just returning the favor for all the shit you do....-grins a bit- But I really do admire how you so nobley turned the tables trying to make me doubt myself. How's it working for you bud? Maybe this was your goal.. .... Maybe you just can't handle doing something wrong... Maybe you can't handle having a mirror shoved into your face so you can see what you really are? This whole thing is a game to you, right? Winning and losing.... Well let me tell you something... Keeping up how you treat people is only going to turn people onto yourself... I'm sorry I had to be the one to break this all to you... But you aren't winning, quite frankly you are losing.... You might as well have cut off your own two legs to get on the bad side of your OWN teammates.... All we have tried is constantly work with you. But if you ask me... You don't want to because you are scared of more failure... Right? Am I hitting a soft spot yet? Cause I think I could go one with this for days~ -walks up to him.- These aren't just words. They are truth. 88 IS TRYING TO PUT IT ALL ASIDE. BUT YOU ARE JUST TO MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE TO EVEN GIVE ANYONE A CHANCE. ... Like I said.. From the way I'm looking at it.... You aren't a victim.... You are just an Egotistic man that has repedetively shot himself in the foot and doesn't even have the courage to admit it.. No.. Instead you blame the trigger.... More likely than not, he went off by your OWN hand. You just really would hate to admit to such an act... Your big head blinds you."