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A Hallmark Presentation refers to any story that is assumed to be told in the Lighter and Fluffier style traditionally associated with the Hallmark Hall of Fame series of made-for-TV films, which, appropriately for a greeting-card company, tend to specialize in Rose-Tinted Narrative.

Basically, A Hallmark Presentation is the bright and cheerful alternative to the Lifetime Movie of the Week!

It is thus often used as a negative er, positive intensifier, in comparisons with Darker and Edgier works:

"Geez, Not Without My Daughter made Dancer in the Dark look like a Hallmark Film!"

This has turned it into a minor colloquial expression in the U.S., associating "a Hallmark Presentation" with "Hallmark card sentiment", which is an example of Flanderization in real life.

Ironically, Hallmark Hall of Fame is a pretty well-respected Long Runner produced and aired by Hallmark, and the quality has a considerably wide range with many standout offerings. Not unlike HBO, there are many actual Hallmark-produced films that contain biting drama and subvert the general stereotype of A Hallmark Presentation.

For info on the actual long running Hallmark Hall of Fame series, see Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Darker and Edgier installments of the Hallmark Hall of Fame series may be noted on that page as subversions of the trope.

A Hallmark Presentation describes works that fit in the more general popular conception of "Hallmark Sentiment".

Cynical persons may consider this a form of Glurge, but it is perhaps broader than that.

This trope describes a Genre notable for TV drama, but examples can be found in all media.

Tropes traditionally associated with "Hallmark Sentiment" include:
Examples of A Hallmark Presentation (Sugar Wiki) include:
  • Any movie that plays on Hallmark Channel, natch.