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  • An occasion when hen Random reverted to his good mode and confusedly asks Ace why he stood by him when he continually attempts to destroy him. Ace's response was as follows:

Ace: Because you're my friend.
Random:Today... but I don't want
to know what I could be tomorrow.
Ace:Tomorrow? You'll still be my friend.

  • Chuck waits for hours at the dance for his girlfriend to show up, and convinces himself she isn?t going to. And then she does, much to Chuck's joy, and apologises profusely for being late. Chuck plays it cool.
  • Same episode, Sam telling Mark that he has nothing to apologise for:

Sam: Who made friends with Chuck when noone else would? Who stood up to Wayne? Who put Chesborough in his place and convinced him to throw the dance?
Mark: But that was just-
Sam: Just doing the right thing. And that's what makes you my hero.

  • Ashley tells her older cousin Mark "You're a much better superhero anyway" after promising not to tell anyone else about Ace Lightning ever again. Cue hugging. Aww.
  • Ace finally works out this whole friendship thing just in time to rescue Mark from Googler?s insane puppets.
  • Ace and Lady Illusion?s final dance at the end of series one.
  • At the end of the second series, Ace finally learns that everything he thought was real being an elaborate videogame. Mark talks him out of what could have been a perfectly understandable Heroic BSOD.

Ace: I don't belong here...
Mark: Yes you do. It doesn't matter where you came from. You're my friend. You have feelings. You?re a hero and heroes never let you down.
Ace: Where'd you get that line?
Mark: From you.

  • The first season finale, where Ace's arrival at Mark's place was heralded by him nearly smashing through the window, just as he did in the very first episode (and has done many times since). Whereas the first time Mark was exasperatedly annoyed about the property damage, when Ace this time mentions that "at least I didn't break the window", Mark is exasperated that he actually thinks the window is important!?

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