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  • Ikki Vs Ringo Fight
    • Kururu rebuilding his broken Air Treks in less than three second too
  • Kilik neutralising the Brainwashed and Crazy Rika and thus undoing Sora's Batman Gambit centered on how Rika's pregnancy with Sora's own kid would keep people from attacking her and thus opposing him. And then, he takes the Sky Regalia and fires it at Sora.
  • In Air Gear, fat, perverted loser Onigiri's sole Crowning Moment of Awesome came when, during his fight with Ryo Mimasaka, he, while paralyzed by her abilities, gave her a speech so enlightening and inspirational, it liberated her mind and her true self was made apparent to her. As it turns out, she'd "Spent my entire life fooling myself into thinking I had fangs." She was so elated to feel as free as she did that she took all of her clothes off (he helped her work out her body issues, too) and started shouting to the heavens about "freedom." He did that just by talking to her for about one minute. He defeated his enemy with sincerity, turning the tide against Behemoth and scoring an essential win.
    • In one chapter, Agito beats at least seven Storm Riders while handcuffed and wearing a humongous, frilly dress.
  • Ikki defeating Magaki, the leader of the Skull Saders in his debut fight as a storm rider is definitely one. He wasn't skilled enough to defeat him in a straight up wall ride race for the emblems, so he utilizes the speed mechanics use of weight in Air Trecks to kick one of his Air Trecks up the wall. Not only does he get the emblems before Magaki, but he knocks him out in the process.
  • Kazu vs Nike. God that battle was intense, namely with Kazu going beyond his limits and opening the door that connects him to other roads to utilize their abilities.
  • Sora reveals during his battle with Ikki, he shows that during every single battle that he has been in, he never had his AT's turned on. Meaning he didn't need their power to get that strong.
    • In return, Ikki shows just how much stronger he has gotten to the point that Sora fearfully acknowledges Ikki has surpassed him in that battle alone. Thus making him need to use his contingency plan that is meant to kill Rika and their child by overloading her Regalia. To answer that, Ikki shows that he knew Sora would do something along those lines and gave Ringo the Storm Regalia, to counter whatever plan he has. Note that EVERYONE thought that Ikki had the Regalia on the entire time. Showing these two know how to play a mean game of Xanatos Speed Chess.