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This is a massive list of things that need fixed to make the site fully functional.

Needs manual intervention

Things that will always need done:

Search and potentially restore:


  • Setup YKTTW namespace
    • Trope Workshop still has problems. The "recent changes" and "list of articles sorted by last one to be edited" are redundant with each other, the latter doesn't show the date, and both of them are a click away in contrast with the alphabetical list which is more prominent and visible without a click but is less useful. Also, there's nothing which shows recently changed articles counting talk pages
  • Other policies need revised fullwise (second level policies now, mostly).
  • Things in Category:Checknamespace need to be returned their proper home, then detagged. PROTIP: Do "What Links Here".
  • Random throwaway references to TVT that can be turned into ATT.
  • Bogus templates which are actually mis- or un-parsed TVT links (see just about everything at the bottom end of Wanted Templates).
  • Continue identifying and renaming pages which should have punctuation in their names. Basically completed, except for a few remaining pages.
  • Things in Special:WhatLinksHere/Home_Page (which includes a redirect from TV Tropes) need to be checked to see if they refer to TVT, and if so, fix that. Fixed links should point to TV Tropes or Main Page
  • Evaluate Tutorial Draft and see if there's anything there that we can use.
  • The pages under the Names to Run Away From namespace need to be moved to Names to Run Away From Really Fast; that page needs to point to them.
  • Duplicate files in Special:ListDuplicatedFiles need to be deleted and pages relinked. There are only 42, should be fast.
  • Is it possible to modify tropelist, tropenamer, examples, etc. so that they use the page's DISPLAYTITLE instead of the actual page name? Yes, it appears so. It also appears to be more work than it's worth.
  • Move as many index pages to their Category equivalents and provide redirects on the main namespace pages. Largely a manual job, though some pages in indexes are untagged and will need bot intervention. See Category:Pages that should be categories for the list of known index pages that should be categories.
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Command and Conquer Red Alert Series are near-clones of each other; they need to be manually merged as there are some differences in trope entries, and then one needs to be set as a redirect to the other.
  • Token Mini-Moe should be renamed back to Token Loli, however, we had already restored a Token Loli page and the two may need to be merged manually.
    • Should it really? -V
      • What needs to be done is arguable, but we need to do something. I would argue that Token Loli, while not completely correct, is at least a term actually used by people to mean something like what the trope refers to, while "Mini-Moe" is something someone just made up for TVT because they weren't allowed to say "Loli".
  • At some point a global search/replace on "[[Sci-Fi Channel]]" resulted in over 250 pages with the definite article retained, producing "the [[SyFy]]" instead. These need to be cleaned up to just "[[Syfy]]". (The name isn't CamelCase.)
    • "SyFy" to "Syfy" is a bot job, but "the Syfy" to "Syfy" isn't. It might mess up "the Syfy [noun]" constructions along the lines I was watching the [[Syfy]] movie ''[[Sharktopus]]'' and....
  • The titles on the redlinks on List of Works That Need Summary/Live Action TV (and possibly all of the other List of Works That Need Summary pages) need to have their capitalization and punctuation confirmed.
  • Some older lists of characters need character descriptions for some or all of their entries. See Category:Characters needing descriptions for the lists that we've identified as needing this attention.
  • All The Tropes:Administrivia needs cleanup. Anything not applicable to ATT in any way that can not be ported to our existing rules needs an axing. Each link needs to be identified as "TVT control-freakery to be removed from the list", "merely a good idea", "guideline", "policy", or "policy that users can be tempbanned for if they break it".
  • Find and/or replace missing images. We have re-purposed Category:Broken image markup to list broken images as we discover them.
  • "Things To Do" subpage from now-deleted "anime portal"
  • Someone needs to reconcile the last few pages in Category:Sandbox with their parents.

Possible bot jobs, possible manual

  • Everything on Category:Oldtable needs updated to mediawiki tables, then detagged
  • Everything on Category:Pages with comment tags needs to have:
    • TVT Control Freakery removed
    • Links fixed (an potentially made interwiki in the case of wikipedia), and lines reparsed. (there might be some out there still, but very few if any).
    • About a dozen or two pages have YouTube or other links in comments, excised from the quote markup immediately before them. This was my solution to the template errors they caused, before learning the proper way to fix it. These need to be undone and properly corrected.
  • Remaining hottip markups need to be located and changed to refs.
  • Remove TVT forum links, et al
  • Mis-converted spoiler markups in the form of "[[spoiler:"; they often (usually?) lack closing brackets.
    • These are pretty much entirely on pages that had stray return characters -- i.e. stuff GethN7 had sent me (Vorticity) from the internet archive for being cut on TVT. If so, I might be able to assemble a list of these pages.
  • Tilde-markup page links (for example, Don't Explain The Joke), left over from TVT's second try at punctuated titles. Fixed mostly, stopped when I realize that it was making some pages worse.
  • Examples templates with the parameter "Examples:" really should have those parameters removed. Believed more or less complete as of November 2015 by WonderBot. I've run into exactly one such examples template since then. -- LT
  • Find and fix former Wikia pages which have {{WS}} markups instead of {{work}}.
  • Find and remove all ==Notes== headers left over from before the current version of {{reflist}}. Believed complete as of April 2020; at least it's been years since I remember seeing an instance of this -- LT
  • Impossible Thief under Film has a Dungeons and Dragons example with an extra blank line between each line past the first four. Looking at history shows that it used to have an extra line between every line. Some possibilities include a bot job gone wrong, and a combination of updating the quote template and not bot-updating the quote correctly. I can of course fix this by taking out the extra <br />, but if this is an example of a general problem, fixing just this one instance won't really fix it.
  • Find and fix broken image/caption markups
    • "right"->"frame" for images otherwise properly marked up (mostly done)
    • Merging images with captions caught in a "[[caption-width-right:" markup
    • Images markups that have their final "]" on the line after everything else
    • Extremely large images would be displayed small on TVT automatically. Here the markup needs to be changed to include "thumb". I don't know if there are still such images.
      • There are. I thumbnail them as I stumble over them. --Looney Toons (talk) 14:44, 21 August 2014 (BST) In the six years since that post, I think we've gotten almost all of them. This no longer needs to be an action item, just a task to perform when one of the few remaining instances is found. -- 20:01, 16 November 2020 (UTC)
  • Redlinks which are caused by simple capitalization issues need to be found and corrected.
  • TVT uses the syntax [numlist:25] to start a list at a number other than 1. Mediawiki requires that the user do this using HTML tags and does not provide a way to use the # syntax for it. Numbered lists are converted over using the # syntax and are therefore extremely difficult to manually edit to start the numbering at values other than 1 (since the user would have to manually convert the # into HTML tags). This is particularly necessary for pages like Console RPG Cliches 25 to 48. Also, Console RPG Cliches 73 to 96 contains an embedded bulleted list which messes up the numbering.
    • Also, hierarchy is incompatible between numbered ("#") and bulleted ("*") lists. E.g. an attempt to use "**" sub-list "under" a number will break the numbered list, so the next "#" will restart the count.
      • Right, that's just markup failure. Those lists need to be converted to begin with "#*" instead. Why? Because mediawiki *sigh*. ROBKELK: This is perfectly logical markup. The first-level list continues, so the first level markup continues to be the same until the list ends; the inset list is a new list, so the second level list is a new markup; and so on for third-level and beyond
    • Vorticity tried using CSS as a fix, however, this does not provide proper indentations because the indentations should account for the size of the number--99. and 100. should line up at the periods. Furthermore, this doesn't work well when there is an embedded bulleted list, and is awkward at best even if not as awkward as changing all the # to HTML.
    • Would it be possible to write a template that lets the user set what number the next # starts at? Also, we will need a bot (or a program which analyzes the 2012 TVT database) to determine which pages originally had a numlist in them so we have a full list of which pages need to be fixed. The Evil Overlord List and some other pages need it too.
  • Lists of quotes that were copied directly from Wikiquote need to be put into our quote markup. See Category:Wikiquote quotes for the list of what we've identified.

Definite bot jobs

  • Rename unambiguous (Mediatype) labels from work names.
  • Figure out why so many images are going unused on the wiki.
  • I recently fixed an image link on SHIELD which was converted over improperly. Perhaps some of these unused images really have links that are improperly converted in this way. Ken Arromdee (talk) 03:30, 18 October 2014 (BST)
  • See what images we have that are also present on Wikimedia Commons. Delete those files and use Instant Commons links instead.
    • API:Allimages provides a way to search and retrieve via SHA-1 hash.
  • If we're going to keep the All the Tropes Superhero Team, we should convert all the category tags for "TV Tropes Superhero Team" to our page's name.
  • Cleanup of some remaining category pages. Definite need of manual intervention as well.
  • Delink users that we don't have.
  • Find all broken links to off-site images/media.
    • Once we have this list they can be fixed manually, either by removal, hosting locally, or redirecting to whatever new location they live at.

Software installs

  • We can has MultiBoilerplate installed in liek ever?
  • Some sort of web-based IRC client.
  • Now we can has InputBox installed in liek ever?


  • Maybe a {{haiku}} template?

Wiki bugs?

  • Some second-level bullets, such as retrocognition on Psychic Powers, do not display. They may display briefly when loading a page.
    • It happens on all levels -- I've seen it everywhere (first-level example on this page: "Find and fix broken image/caption markups" under "Possible Bot Jobs"). I hadn't noticed that it was the same ones each time, though; I'd thought it was essentially random. --Looney Toons (talk) 14:40, 21 August 2014 (BST)
      • Seems to have been fixed or fixed itself some time in the last week or two; my example above is no longer failing, and I haven't noticed the problem in a while. --Looney Toons (talk) 15:27, 22 September 2014 (BST)