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I was trained to be tolerant of everything except intolerance.
—U Thant, View from the UN

Offerer of somewhat-useful advice over on the DW forums, now with his own account here. (And, since it's now mentioned on the Main Page here, the founding admin of the Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki.)

Rob would classify himself as Exopedian, and has common ground with the Association of Structurist Tropers. He might be a WikiBear, a WikiElf, or both.

Because it came up in discussion with the other moderators in September 2016: There are some things that Rob dislikes in fiction - torture, rape, and sexualization of minors top that list. However, not mentioning these things on the wiki is, in his mind, the same as pretending that they don't exist - and that's even worse.

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Rob is willing to admit to being an example of these tropes:


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