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Nintendo red logo.svg This troper plays Nintendo games.

{{Nintendo Troper}}
250px-PlayStationConsole bkg-transparent.png This Troper plays PlayStation games.
{{Playstation Troper}}
Steam logo 9107.gif This troper buys games on Steam.

{{Steam Troper}} logo.svg This troper buys games on

{{ Troper}}
Uplay-logo-2.png This troper buys games on Uplay.
{{Uplay Troper}}
EA Origins.jpg This Troper buys games on Origin
{{EA Origin Troper}}
Kingdom Hearts logo.jpg This Troper is a fan of Kingdom Hearts
{{Kingdom Hearts Troper}}
Pokeball.png This troper is a Poké-trainer.
{{Pokemon Trainer Troper}}
Pokemon-Go-icon.png This Troper plays Pokémon Go.

{{Pokemon Go Troper}}
TalesAnni 3161.jpg This Troper is a fan of the Tales series.
{{Tales Troper}}
RED sign.png This Troper is part of RED team
{{Team Fortress 2 Troper}}