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On occasions, a brief and snappy Epigraph at the header of the page can far more easily capture the gist of a trope than the descriptive text below it.

And maybe another quote can serve to give a different angle on the trope.


But then someone else just happens to find this really bonzer new quote that is positively sidesplitting, and, rather than be so bold as to slice out a previous quote, they just append it to the rest of them.


This is another case of Too Much Of A Good Thing, and an instance where the Wiki Magic gets a bit out of control, Sorcerer's Apprentice-style.


It gets even worse when they leave out the indent markup (-->), leaving the text normal-sized and indistinguishable from the body.


Overzealous editors deleting quotes even when they don't distract from the page is, however, just as much of a problem.

I love how every single 'good style' page has an 'Or maybe not! Who knows?' warted onto the bottom of it almost instantly.

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If you find a page like this, please consider moving most or all of the quotes to Category:Quotes.

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Oh My god! TV Tropes used one of my quotes!

Mandatory paragraph-long Warhammer 40,000 quote.

Mandatory dozen Warhammer 40,000 quotes from the same source.