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  • How about Tobias being reunited with the mother he never knew. The heartwarming is taken up a notch when she gets the power to morph and regains her vision.
  • While there wasn't much of an alternative Aldrea becoming a Hork-Bajir nothlit was so touching because after a whole book of Unresolved Sexual Tension she and Dak can finally be together.
  • Aftran after giving up so much for the Yeerk Freedom Movement is allowed to become a whale nothlit and live a full life in the ocean. Awwww.
  • For this troper, it was Marco's parents finally being reunited after years apart.
  • Alloran, temporarily abandoned by Visser Three and knowing that Ax won't kill him, begging Ax to get word to his family that he still loves them. Even after learning about some of the terrible things he did... it's a reminder that he's still had his life stolen away.
  • For me, it was the scene where Marco realized that although it maybe SMART to let his father become a controller, he still could not go through with it. "This was the end of smart, and the begining of right."
  • The story of Essam and Edriss, and their infiltration of Earth, was something that this troper found quite interesting. Over the years, both became influenced by their human hosts. Edriss (Visser One) even came to call her own host (Allison) something akin to a friend. Allison tempted Edriss with human emotion and feeling, and it created very human feelings within the Yeerk. And the two hosts, with the Yeerks, fell in love and had children together. At the very end, when Edriss wanted to return to the Yeerk Empire, Essam refused. He had become so much like a human that he had, in some ways, become human, entering into an effective symbiosis with his host. He was unwilling to surrender that humanity even at the cost of his own life, in order to protect the children. And Edriss, Visser One? Throughout all her invasion of Earth, one of the primary reasons that she railed against the very idea of an all-out war wasn't because it wouldn't work (though she didn't think it would). It was because she could not, would not allow her twin children to potentially be hurt.
    • And beyond even that, she learned and kept the secret of the "Andalite bandits" from Visser Three, despite all the damage they had done to the Yeerks. Partly because it opposed the other Visser. But also partly because if their identities were exposed, then it might threaten the children she had in her previous host. Edriss came close to allowing herself to die in order to avoid hurting one of her children (and was saved from that very situation by a timely interruption by the Animorphs). She was probably more human than Yeerk in the end even by her own admission, and even after she returned to the Yeerk Empire. More a human influenced by Yeerk ambition and desire to rule than anything else. And when Essam took her children from her, she didn't go after him for revenge. She went because she wanted her children back and because even then she thought of him as her friend. So much of what she did was coloured by the humanity she had unknowingly assumed. That humanity could so influence even a Yeerk (and the highest-ranking Yeerk beyond their ruling Council of Thirteen, at that) is, to this troper, a Heartwarming moment.

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