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Authors, and Websites

Animorphs Fanfic

  • Recommended by Felinephoenix
  • The LJ group for Animorphs fanfiction. It's been active for quite a few years now, so it's got a good archive of all kinds of stuff - gen, slash, het, AU, you name it!

J. Jennings

  • Reccomended by Yellow 13
  • A small series taking place in the future of the Animorphs Universe. Contains some Squick in the later stories.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Book 55: The Difference, by Dinosaur Nothlit

  • Recommended by Roach Patrol and Dogman15
  • Synopsis: This picks up shortly after the Animorphs epilogue leaves off. It charts the adventures of the remaining Animorphs, as well as their new friends, as they escape The One and are captured by Kelbrids, ancestral enemies of the Andalites.
  • Comments: It's well written and entertaining, and it deals with different alien species with refreshing thoughtfulness and creativity.
    • Don't forget: If you like Book 55 and want to read more, there's a sequel: Book 56: The Rebirth. It's just as good - and maybe, perhaps, better - than Book 55. But don't take my word for it! *Da dan dant!*

Peter's Creation, by D. M. P

  • Recommended by Vapour
  • Synopsis: Cassie meets an autistic child who is good at sculpting. He sculpted a Hork-Bajir that Cassie and a controller sees, and the plot unfolds from there.
  • Comments: A very good story set sometime before the last ten books (I think, not specified). It captures the personalities of the Animorphs very well and is sweet and touching, especially to those who know autistic children personality. Complete.

The Wheel, by L.Emmist

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: The Animorphs have to stop a yeerk plan to use their driver's ed school as a massive infestation point. Of course, the Animorphs' lives have never been simple, so complications develop.

Fear, by Lady Kino

  • Recommended by J the Drafter, Dogman15, Guvnorium, and Joysweeper
  • Synopsis: The experiences of one controller as she endured being a host during the yeerk invasion of Earth.
  • Comments: The story is bittersweet; Connie's Yeerk is capable of treating Connie with compassion, but he is still loyal to his people. Connie gets treated better than most hosts but she still sees, and is used for, some pretty horrible things. If you want a story about friendship, love, sorrow and survival than you'll love this story. If you want a story about overcoming fierce odds and fighting back, than you'd better pick something else. As L.Emmist said, "Being a controller is no picnic." All in all though, this is a great story.

A Revolution Without Dancing by Odette_River

  • Recommended by J the Drafter
  • Synopsis: The life and thoughts of Karen, post-war.
  • Comments: This story gives an intriguing glimpse of Karen's thoughts. It's a good look at how she coped after being freed, and how she thinks in the post-war world.

Another Chance, by Kim Hoppy

  • Recommended by AniJen21 and Guvnorium
  • Synopsis: Loren tries to make a life, all the while remembering she has a son who wants nothing to do with her.
  • Comments: A beautiful, in-depth, soulful investigation of Loren's life after the events of the war. A deeper character study than we ever got in the books, this story does such an excellent job world-building and developing Loren that you entirely forget you're reading Animorphs fanfic until Taxxon rights and Andalite tourists are mentioned. Some of the best character development found in any Animorphs fanfic, Kim also does an admirable job consolidating the unfortunately numerous logical fallacies and plot holes from the original series into a fully realized universe.

The Class, by Freak Apple

  • Recommended by powertrash
  • Synopsis: The Animorphs go through the traditional high school rite of passage...Sex ED.
  • Comments: This might be the funniest Animorphs fanfic ever written. The characterization is spot on and the awkwardness is perfect.
    • Seconded by this troper. It's more of crack fic than anything, but nevertheless is quite amusing. The characterization isn't exactly "spot on" but more accurate than I've seen throughout the fandom.

The Mistake, by Freak Apple

  • Recommended by powertrash
  • Synopsis: Marco & Jake scope out the girl's locker room.
  • Comments: Another fic of great high school fun that is both hysterical and completely believable.

Wrong Side of the Wall, by Tiamath

  • Recomended by Sarah1281
  • Synopsis: AU At the end of the Yeerk/Human war, Jake finally manages to save Tom from the Yeerks...but things are not always all they seem...
  • Comments: This becomes AU with book 49 but it's such a fascinating story. The unnamed Yeerk develops a form of Lima syndrome but towards Jake rather than Tom. He's suspicious of Jake's not very well disguised hatred of him and slowly realizes that he's not just an Andalite pawn but morph-capable and ultimately decides not to turn him in. It's really amazing how such a short story can be so evocative and complex.

The Earth Diary of Toby Hamee, by AniJen21

  • Recomended by Dogman15
  • Synopsis: Tobias encourages Toby Hamee to keep a diary of what she does every few days. Within the story, the events near the end of the Animorphs books take place from 6/28/99 to 2/3/00. Toby says: "I am writing this diary so that someday, people can understand what it was like to lead the Hork-Bajir through the Great War."
  • Comments: At almost 55 thousand words, this is the longest fan ficion on the site with Toby Hamee as a main character. She talks about her struggles in leading her people and also having to deal with her desires for a kalashu and possibly kawatnoj. Meanwhile, events such as Marco and his dad having to fake their deaths and the "beaver dam" battle at the free Hork-Bajir colony intersect with Toby's story. It's not finished yet, but I'm loving what I've read so far.

Home for Dinner and Weekends by HotPinkCoffee

  • Recommended by Dogman15
  • Synopsis: This story details the life of Eva Salazar, Marco's mom, leading up to and including her infestation by Edriss 562. We get to see a lot of what both Eva and Edriss think about each other. Eva swears that she'll be free one day, even if it's in death. In the sequel, The Husk, we see more of how Eva deals with Visser One as she works toward her goals, and the last few chapters are about how Eva helps Marco after she is freed and after the war. Great character study.

Animorphs Dementia by Veravine

  • Recommended by Jagzariamut
  • Synopsis: The Animorphs find out that there is an alternate dimension where everyone is of the opposite gender, Arbron gave them the morphing power instead of Elfangor (who is still alive, albeit as a human nothlit), David worked out and Rachel went nuts, the word 'squirrel' is spelt with a W and Ax's fur is darker.
  • Comments: One of the earliest fics ever (hence the four-digit code) and yet one of the greatest.

Idyllic by Sarah1281

  • Recommended by Lady Stacy
  • Synopsis: It was a secret war they pretended didn't exist for so long but eventually they all became aware of it and then there was no going back for any of them. The ending was almost inevitable but it's the journey that matters. Snapshots of the Berenson family.
  • Comments: A damn good series of introspections and missing moments in the books. The author's got Jake's voice down really nicely and has done a great job developing Tom. The few Jean and Steve chapters are a little weak but still good.

The Agreement, by From.The.Tower

  • Recommended by Dogman15
  • Synopsis: After Cassie traps herself in the body of a caterpillar, and after the Animorphs let Aftran go to fulfill her end of the deal, there's work to be done, and things to think about. Aftran's point of view, first person.*
  • Comments: There's some emotion hidden in this story. It's an excellent story that fits in perfectly with canon.
    • Seconding the rec. The story gives a good look at Aftran's mind, and it does a nice job showing the parts of Aftran's story after the Animorphs released her that canon didn't cover.

The Salvation, by TobiasFliesFree

  • Recommended by: Metz 77
  • Synopsis: Rachel is given a second chance at life, but when Tobias is captured by Yeerk extremists, she needs to find a way to reunite the Animorphs to get him back. Contains some Rachel/Tobias, obviously.

She Dreams in Color, She Dreams in Red, by natural-blue-26

  • Recommended by: Metz 77
  • Synopsis: A collection of twenty-five Rachel-centric drabbles, examining her life from her own perspective and those of the people around her.

Six Days the Animorphs Were Idiots (aka Ifi's Fanfiction) by Ifi

  • Recommended by: Count Spatula
  • Synopsis: Visser Three sulks and develops a predilection towards adopting cats. The brightly colored clouds on the book covers are explained as a result of Marco's illicit drug use. Cassie forms a whale-worshiping cult. Essentially a compilation of the in-jokes from the Cinnamon Bunzuh! project. Until things dive straight into Cerebus Syndrome. (Now concluded.)
  • Comments: Pure, unadulterated crack, yet everyone seems bizarrely in character.
    • Frighteningly so.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Pure Sunshine, by attica (AU)

  • Recommended by Roach Patrol
  • Pairing(s): Rachel/Tobias
  • Synopsis: Set after the war. They won, and Rachel's still alive, but Tobias has given up on being human and does his best to live as a hawk.

Elfangor's Folly, by Kim Hoppy (AU)

  • Recommended by Pickled Plums and AniJen21
  • Pairing(s): Elfangor/Loren
  • Synopsis: An AU where Elfangor survived the crash and led the Animorphs, while also rekindling his relationship with Loren.
  • Comments: This is a Fix Fic done right! It follows canon pretty closely, while also putting in reasonable changes as would be expected with a more experienced leader like Elfangor. And the romance between Elfangor and Loren is so beautifully well-done, not pulling any punches or glossing over any difficulties while allowing the growth to be realistic and touching! Just to warn people, it's...rather long.

Crossover Fics

The Animorphs Enter the Beast Wars by Gaz42

  • Recommended by The Rich Sheik
  • Synopsis: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Erik warns the Animorphs that Visser 3 has obtained an almost functioning time machine. During the battle to seize it the device is hit by a dragon beam, activating it and sending the group, Visser 3, and 30 controllers back in time to the Beast Wars.
  • Comments: Humans that become animals teaming up with Robots that become animals. Explores the parallels in character personalities between the heroes and villains. Sadly no Villain Team-Up here. (Terrasoar and Waspinator can beat the controllers.)

My Brain Slug by Insane Troll Logic - Animorphs / Scrubs Crossover

  • Recommended by Guvnorium
  • Synopsis: So Turk just extracted a brain slug from a patient, JD’s being stalked by a red-tailed hawk and Cox has been acting a little different. Not exactly your average day at Sacred Heart.
  • Comments: Quite possibly the weirdest matchup I've ever seen with this fandom, yet the voice is perfect JD and the Animorphs are true to character. Very much worth checking out.
    • Quite possibly the best crossover I have ever read. A hearty seconding of this recommendation.
    • It utterly astounds me how well the author managed to convert JD's cutaway gags into text form.

Make A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul by Joking - Animorphs / His Dark Materials

  • Recommended by Joysweeper
  • Synopsis: They can't tell you their real names, or their dæmons' names. The Yeerks are everywhere. But they're going to fight back. This is a fusion with His Dark Materials - basically, Animorphs but with dæmons.
  • Comments: It's a rehash of the first book from the perspective of Tobias, a Tobias with a dæmon going by Elhariel. Just as in HDM, dæmons reflect the kids' internal states. I like details such as what happens to dæmons when kids morph or people are infested by Yeerks. This fic adds even more angst to poor Emohawk. Rated Teen for mention of domestic violence and child abuse, plus "the usual Animorphs nightmare fuel".

The Shapes of Our Souls, by Joking - Animorphs / His Dark Materials

  • Recommended by Joysweeper
  • Synopsis: The Animorphs - and their dæmons - reshape themselves. Or, six moments from the time period of books 2 - 5, as told by each of the six Animorphs.

Shifting Times by Shadewolf7 Animorphs/Harry Potter

  • Recommended by The Warrior of Many Faces
  • Synopsis: The Animorphs had an unofficial seventh member. A very young girl who got caught up in their secret war and was given morphing powers to survive. That girl moved to England. And years later, an owl comes for her.