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Giro is Actually Hitler reincarnated as a wolf.

  • Think about it. They both have a loyal regime behind them (Giro: The wolf Pack. Hitler: The Nazi party.), both are missing part of a bodily pair (Giro: Missing an ear. Hitler: Missing a Family Jewel), and both have a deep hatred of a certain group (Giro: Goats. Hitler: Jews.)

The entire movie was a metaphor for the fight between the Soviets and the Nazis.

The Emerald Forest is in the afterlife.

  • Mei died sometime during the journey. Because of this, Gabu lost all will to live and, eventually, died as well. Somehow, Gabu ended up in the same part of the afterlife as Mei, and now their souls can be peacefully together for all eternity. Sad, but still heartwarming.
    • Mei died in the cave,Gabu during the avalanche.They met again at fields next to Emerald Forest ,because it was a limbo (whereas the forest was the heaven).Mei went there and met Gabu,who lost his memory.It was his punishment for the past sins he committed during the life,but because Mei was granted the privilege of living in the forest ,as he was innocent during his life,he could redeem Gabu's soul and he did so,reminding him of the stormy night,after which Gabu only became a better person, showing his kindness and sacrificing himself for the friendship.Thus he was returned his memory and he and Mei could stay together again.
    • This makes sense considering in the source they died before the Forest.

Mei and Gabu will die in the cartoon, like in the book

Well, who's to say this adaptation is even more childish than the movie?