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  • Lois sees a report on an escaped lunatic on the news and yells out "Ha! Put that in a Velour jogging suit and you got Joanne Bishop!"
    • From that same episode, Carl filming his horror movie with Lois at the end.
  • In "No Hope For Courtney" when Courtney has lost her popularity she sits alone at the lunch table all scruffy with messy hair and baggy clothes. A passing student, thinking she's homeless, drops a coin onto the table prompting an angry snarl from her.
    • Also when she finds out Hope hasn't come to her party she starts banging her hands off the floor shouting "why!". Before she can do this, Dodie offers for Courtney to bang off her [Dodie's] hands so she won't injure herself off the floor. Courtney obliges.
  • The end of "Come Back Little Seal Girl"...

Courtney: How come we never hug, Miranda?
Miranda: Ew, Courtney.
Courtney: I'm serious. Let's try it
Courtney throws her arms around Miranda who looks terrified and disgusted.
Courtney: (patting Miranda on the back) There there, that's quite enough of that.

  • Macie sees a girl dancing at a Wild Teen Party and remarks "that girl's going to twist her spine all the way to the emergency room"
  • The entire April Fool's Day episode.
  • When everyone is snowed in during a blizzard...

Courtney: If anyone has a right to freak out about this whole mess it's me! I'm the one who was trapped in a blizzard, missed a nail appointment and am now stuck wearing pyjamas with feet on an empty stomach!
Winston: I urged you to have that scone this morning, madam.

    • From the same episode, Courtney has to wear pink footie pyjamas, Blake wears Carl's clothes and Winston has to make do with Lois's fluffy pink bathrobe. Then Courtney decides to raise everyone's spirits by singing her own version of "Green Sleeves". She also orders Winston to sit on a steak to thaw it...