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  • Fridge Logic: If the Machine Empire had spent a tenth of the effort they had expended on coming up with countermeasures for when their various elite warriors turned against them (usually by creating another tier of elite warriors) on ensuring that their elite warriors didn't feel the need to turn on them in the first place, they'd have been a lot better off. Honestly, trying to feed the little sister of one your elite warriors to your pet Cosmic Horror? What were they thinking?
    • Also, Teppei's plan for ensuring that he doesn't run into any guards unexpectedly while fighting his way back to the Big Bad's evil lair is to smash through every single one of the security checkpoints (And with them just about all of the guards) deliberately.
      • The second's somewhat justified. For one, Teppei's an Idiot Hero. And the second, said checkpoints rotate in the desert to intercept attacks from any angle, so Teppei's going to have to fight them anyways. But if he charges straight at them then he can bank on the pride of the guards to keep the fights being one-on-one affairs.

Fridge Brilliance: After X is reconstructed, he and Teppei become more powerful than the four guardians. At first, it looks like a common Shonen Upgrade but in Japanese mythology the Kirin has a higher hierarchy than the Phoenix and the Dragon.