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  • When Banjo and Kazooie are separated in Tooie, the left behind partner will always tell the other not to leave them if they try travel too far away. Banjo will sadly ask Kazooie not to leave him alone, while Kazooie sternly declares that there's no way he's leaving without her. Goes to show that despite their arguing and snarking at each other, they genuinely do like being with each other.
  • Kazooie's even jerkasses have standards moment in Tooie. One of the tasks in Terridactyland requres her to hatch Terry the pterodactyl's lost eggs. The last one happens to be too big to fly back to the nest on its own, so Terry jokingly asks Kazooie to simply blow it up. Kazooie doesn't find this funny at all.

Terry: Hmmm, I'm not sure if there will be room in our nest. You couldn't just hit it with one of those Grenade Eggs, could you?
Kazooie: You heartless...

  • Towards the end of Tooie, Jamjars swallows his pride and gives a forced apology to Kazooie in order for her to bring his dead brother Bottles back to life.