Batman/Drinking Game

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including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

Drinking game for Batman:

  • Every time Batman mentions his parents' death, drink!
  • Every time Batman punches someone, drink![1] If he punches an ally, take two.
  • Every time he says "I'm Batman" or a criminal says "It's tha Batman!", drink! (This one should work for a few mediums. NOTE: Don't try the former if you're reading Shortpacked. You'll wind up dead).
  • Take a shot each time there is a blatant ass shot, take two if it's a guy, take three if it's Nightwing.
  • For the original Batman series a'la Adam West:
    • Take a sip anytime "bat" is said, in any context.
      • Down a flask if its an actual bat.
    • Take two every time Chief O'Hara says something sterotypically Scottish/Irish.
    • Finish the drink anytime Robin says "Holy (blank)!"
  • Drink half a bottle whenever Batman smiles in any Batman animated show. You'll never wind up drinking more than 2.
    • This rule was definitely here before the premiere of Batman: The Brave and The Bold.
    • Drink when Batman is in full outfit but speaks in Bruce Wayne's voice (or vice versa) for plot reasons.
    • Take a sip every time poison/toxic/knockout gas, or any derivatives therein, is used for anything. Seriously, this happens a lot in Batman the Animated Series.
  • Every time The Joker initiates some Foe Yay with Batman or calls him by an affectionate nickname take a drink.

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  1. This one will kill you.