Behind the Green Door

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99 and 44/100's % impure
—From the press release for the movie, referencing the lead's previous appearance as the "Ivory soap girl"

Behind the Green Door is a 1972 pornographic feature film.

The plot (if one can call it that) in a nutshell: A socialite is kidnapped and gang-raped in front of an audience, first by other women, then by men.

This movie is best-known for the scandal it caused when it was revealed that the lead, Marilyn Chambers, was the model who posed for the packaging of Ivory soap. Procter & Gamble recalled all packages with her image, which invoked the Streisand Effect and drove audiences to the theatres to see the film.

The Other Wiki also mentions that this was one of the first pornographic movies to receive a nationwide theatrical release in the USA, and makes the claim that "[t]he film is possibly the first U.S. feature-length heterosexual hardcore film to include an interracial sex scene."

Behind the Green Door was listed in the first edition of the Danny Peary Cult Movies List.

Tropes used in Behind the Green Door include: