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Do warn when a fanfic may head into homosexual or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Author and Websites

Being Human Fan Site, a discussion both in and out of universe about the show.

General Fics

Monsters; A Thor and Being Human crossover by Coneycatjr

  • Recommended by Headspace
  • Synopsis: Loki falls into another realm, and learns there is more than one way to deal with being a monster.
  • Comments: A crossover between Thor and Being Human. Wait, it's better than it sounds, and the sequels are even better than that. Loki, after letting go of the Bifrost, lands in someone's dustbins. Whose? The cast of Being Human of course. A really touching story about personal growth, acceptance, healing, and rhinos. Everybody is written well and in-character.

Domestics by templeremus1990.

  • Recced by peppermintflame
  • Synopsis: Annie and George patch things up after a rough night.
  • Pairings: Very slight Mitchell/Annie, not much more then you would see on the show.
  • Tags: Hurt/comfort friendship, Swearing, some blood and mention of violence.
  • Comments: A nice Original Flavor fic, really captures the characters voices.

Postcards From Hell by Jinxed-Wood.

  • Recced by peppermintflame
  • Synopsis:The first postcard came about a week after the accident...
  • Tags: Rated M for Mature.
  • Comments; This is one creepy fic. It leads you gently by the hand until you've suddenly gone into the darkness. Nice and moody, if you like that sort of thing. Takes place after episode four of series one.

Something Tells Me by Fleemneek

  • Recced by Beluah
  • Synopsis: What happens when Mitchell first meets Josie. How did he get there? And why? The events before, during and after S2 E5.
  • Pairings: A little bit of Mitchell/ Josie towards the end.
  • Comments: A brilliant look at Mitchell's character, helping to fill in the blank of his blood drinking days, and an interesting examination of the last years of his connection to Herrick as well as the beginning of his connection to Josie. Beautifully and vicserally written, emotional but never too maudlin, this is a dark but very rewarding read. Cannot recommend enough.

Henry, Harry, Hal by Elizabeth2826

  • Recced by Beluah
  • Synopsis: A short drabble about Hal's human life.
  • Comments: One brief, but suprisingly well researched fic about what began shaping Hal into a monster before vampirism even entered the equation. True to the chracter and plainly yet skillfully written.

Stray by Packmentality

  • Recced by Beuluah
  • Synopsis: More likely what Mitchell finds hilarious is the fact that, while the cat doesn't seem at all bothered by the likes of any of them, George is utterly terrified.
  • Comments: Set somewhere at the beginning of series one, the fic manages to capture the three characters with an almost stunning accuaracy. A cute, really quite perfectly characterised one shot, it's a fic to leave you with the warm fuzzies without losing anything distinctly Being Human about it - truly, an achievement to be proud of.

Little Notions by mswyrr.

  • Recommended by Aruu
  • Synopsis: Annie, Tom and Hal all do little things that make them human. When Annie points out that Eve hasn't got any nice clothes, Hal sets about changing that.
  • Comments: This has absolutely amazing characterisation. Everyone is spot on, and the story is written so beautifully. This also really sets up the relationship between the three of them, and it's honestly written like it could have been taken from the show itself. I can't do this little fic justice, but it's a truely beautiful little piece.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Witching Hour by Kerichi.

  • Recced by peppermintflame
  • Synopsis: When it comes to Annie and Mitchell, kiss is just a kiss. Takes place after episode 2 of series 1.
  • Pairings: Slight Annie and Mitchell, just the barest ghost of it.
  • Tags: Annie/Mitchell, no sex, just thoughts of sex.
  • Comments: Very light, kinda sweet fic, a bit like a meringue.